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Heat-proofing and how I'm summerin' [Jul. 8th, 2010|01:08 am]
So, living in the south means I'm developing some heat resistant powers. Well, that and the fact that my AC has run less that 48 total hours this year. I am stubborn and I want to save moneh, dammit. I do, however, still feel whiny when it gets over 90 and I'm expected to do something other than lay under the fan and make noises into it.

Anyway, I'm going to visit the mouse in Orlando in August, and I've been looking up stuff that helps to deal with OMGTEHEATS. I will quite possibly take all of the following in a wee hip bag: frozen-but-thawing individual pack baby wipes, a wee fan, and a bandanna to wipe sweat and soak in cold water for the wearing. And a travel size thing of sunscreen because lordy, I will need to reapply.

Any other helpful hints, flist? Hot as it's been here already I may need to start doing some test runs . . . if I can get myself to stay outside for a reason that isn't getting into the pool. So, not likely :-D

On which point, summer vacay so far has been quite awesome. I have a pile o' alterations to do, some of my own and several for a paying customer (woo!). I've been watching Nip/Tuck on Netflix, which has 6 season up streaming. Clearly someone up there (by which I mean either God or Netflix HQ) knows that I love a good premium network dramedy with my crafting.

Other than that, I've been bunny combing and hanging out with friends between when I wake up (often late) and taking dips in the complex's pool (frequent). I've stopped eating proper organized meals and just sorta eat when I get too tired to keep doing what I'm doing. In short, I'm rolling along in an incredibly pleasant way :-)

[User Picture]From: folkchick3
2010-07-10 02:48 am (UTC)
Take it from a Floridian.... drink absolute BUCKETS of water... no soda, no caffeine, no alchohol (save that for evening). Drink Gatorade to replenish electrolytes, loose, cool clothing (Cotton) and a hat to keep the direct sun off your head. Mouse ears optional. Eat light but enough, limit salt and above all be nice to your feet.

Another trick... when you feel yourself overheating, go hit a gift shop and stay until you have cooled down.

Good luck!


If you put up your hair (strongly advised) dont forget sunscreen on the back of your neck and your ears. Also, the tops of your feet if in sandals. Trust me... you will be glad you did.

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[User Picture]From: sauvage1983
2010-07-10 02:57 am (UTC)
Thanks for the tips! I've been twice before, so I've gone in July but not August. Last time was mid-July, this time it will be end of the first week in August. Should it be about the same weather-wise, or just depends? And I love cutting through gift shops, I think in MGM it works best because there are roooows of them, lol.
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[User Picture]From: folkchick3
2010-07-10 02:38 pm (UTC)
End of August is just as hot (I forgot, you want really good sunglasses too!)It really doesn't start cooling down here until October, for serious. Sometimes not even then! Hope you have a great time!

Warning, cooling off in gift shops may be hazardous to your budget! LOL! ;-)

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