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Fine, I'll tell you why I was laughing . . .

A running list of unsorted thinks

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People forget that while I am a verbal and philosophical soul, I am also quite analytical. (Tongue in cheek, kittens!) And so, I present an analysis of my composition in percentage form:

10%--Urge to swing my hips and boogie, any time and any place.

15%--Nerdiness about books, language,writing, etc.

10%--Nerdiness about politics, philosophy, and world issues.

5%--The Giggles

5%--The drive to organize anything within a 10 ft. radius.

3%--Curly red hair

7%--The will to snogg

10%--Conversations about boobs

10%--Love for my studentses, school, etc.

15%--Making silly faces at my friends, and generally lurving them.

5%--Lust and Dirty Joke sector